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No new little monkeys have arrived in a while though the kits for making tiny socks are ready, so if you would really like to try making your own little socks , then perhaps a monkey, just click right here

OR you can write me, if you'd rather :)

To see a grand old monkey with his little twin as well as most of the tiny monkeys that have gone off to better places just peek in the little monkey archive

If you'd like to know when new monkeys get 'put up' for ransom please email me here.

Holy Dina, I just stumbled upon a six foot sock monkey! ( well, sweater monkey really, he is HUGE! (If you are easily offended ..please don't click... here

This teeny wee little one..measuring just 7/8 " sitting & an inch and a half on her tiptoes..gets to go live with the darlings in never never land :)

Now this little fellow is the guy who helped me make the sock instructions! He is quite smart for his size..though he hasn't yet figured out how he and the sock are related.. :) He's a tiny bit bigger than the little girl,( almost one and a half sitting and 2" & 1/2" standing) I've been told he is waiting, patiently, for a mate...

miniature sock monkey  tiny sock monkey  

Then there's the little tuckered out one.... who's is about to embark on what I imagine will be a fantastic adventure with a most amazing girl, who has perked her up big time :)

baby mini sock monkey

This new little girl is not like the others..quite :) She measures a bit under two inches sitting and almost 3" 1/2" standing up, her tiny cotton dress is blanket stitched about the edges and ties at the back. Her ransom has been paid and includes an insured airmail plane ticket, she'll travel with her dress neatly folded and a 'proof of idendity' card that contains her number & a photograph of monkeys with some tiny hand stitched socks.

little sock monkey  

First, a fancy boy. He measures four full inches standing, 2" 1/4" sitting down, his vest comes off..his heart does not & is embroidered in place. He gets to go live with a lady who did say something about getting him a book to read...in New Jersey, on a street named 'Garden" Which is pretty cool..when you imagine that :) :)

old fashioned sock monkey  

The monkeys featured here will be sold on a first come, first nabbed basis. I'll mark them 'adopted' as quickly as I can to avoid dissapointment. Sometimes, if the monkey seems to want/need a great deal of attention I'll put it straight up for auction :0) here* Custom order prices will vary depending on extra details with the very tiny ones being higher than the 'big' ones as the very tiny ones take much more time and patience to create!

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