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With handpainted *cherry-pit heads, brass bones, wool & wild tussah silk hair and warm cotton wrapped bodies...little cherries are quite purely complicated, yet flexible, little beings..

* They are all under three inches, small, fully grown. Which makes them the 'half scale' or 'G scale' for those that might matter too) , size (1:24 or aprox half an inch equals a foot )

To order/view kits to create your own Cherries please click Here :)

miniature cherry baby doll wool diaper

The boy on his horse measures 2 inches tall..( I mean to say...were he to get off his horse and stand beside, he'd be 2"..not at all sure how small they are together..

tiny miniature boy cherry doll and his horse

To see Peter-Pan and his Tinkerbelle.. as Cherries they are hiding Here :)

To see relatives of the dolls that inspired me to try the Cherries, please click Here :)

Be sure to click on the Ellen and Pink link when you do..that's where the tiny ones hide :)

*these pits have never been spat out, they were, instead, the pits left from the wine vat... thouroughly disinfected by that, yet still have a live 'skin' .

*babies arrive as small as an inch, and certainly one could concievably grow much bigger...as though she had stilts on, I am not really sure as only some come though me.

Cherries can be be custom ordered, with prices starting at 7.00 ( for a wool diapered baby) and hitting the ceiling if you want horses, cows, chickens made also @@ ..little skirts and coats are not so difficult :) Please write with your request or ideas!.

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